Bodywork and Personal Training by Rachel Hannah, LMT

My mission is to support each person in their own unique healing process.

My goal is to provide a holistic experience and to create space for my clients to unwind mentally, emotionally and physically. As well as helping each client figure out how to use their bodies with the greatest ease and efficiency.

My work is eclectic. I incorporate Myofascial Release, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Active-Isolated Stretching, and some other modalities to create a deep-tissue massage that allows restrictions in the tissue and fascia of the body to release and unwind. I also provide individually tailored functional strength training and stretching sessions.

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“Why do we need Bodywork?”

Through everyday living, accidents, trauma or daily tension, the soft tissue structures of our bodies become tight, pulling bones and organs slightly out of alignment and forming “knots” in the muscles. This can result in any number of conditions. TMJ Disorder Syndrome, headaches, migraines, neck, shoulder and back pain, sciatica and nerve impingement are just a few. These are problems that we don’t have to live with, problems that can be addressed through bodywork and exercise.

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