Personal Training

Personal TrainingI have been a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council of Exercise since 2005. I’ve been teaching Group Exercise classes at the Hampshire Regional YMCA since 2003. I strongly believe in being proactive about health. It is important to sweat some everyday, increase your heart rate and challenge your body. For most people, the trick is finding something you like to do and the doing it – everyday. When you do what you enjoy it doesn’t feel like a chore, its part of your life and it’s fun!

My focus is core conditioning, strength training, challenging your body through multiple planes of movement using free weights, the stability ball, a useful tool that helps promote flexibility, strength, and balance and your own bodyweight. I am always exploring new exercises and techniques to strengthen and challenge muscles.  In 2009 I studied a very effective dynamic stretching technique called Active Isolated Stretching (AIS). This method of stretching engages the opposing muscle group while holding the stretch for only two seconds. The stretch is done repeatedly. AIS both works to lengthen and strengthen major muscle groups as well as release fascia, and restore the physiology of superficial and deep fascial planes. I incorporate this type of stretching into all of my training sessions and most of my massages sessions as I believe it is an important contribution to a healthy body.

Personal Training

There is no one thing you can do that will take care of everything in life. Health and vibrancy comes through making a commitment to yourself by giving your body the essentials: exercise, fresh foods, mental stimulation, and bodywork. In addition to teaching classes I enjoy hiking and road biking. Hiking is a great way to stay in touch with your body and the world around you and all you need is your feet. We live in an abundant valley that provides many places to explore nature year round!

Through a regular commitment of facilitated exercise, you will achieve your health and fitness goals. You will also be more relaxed, you will have less tension, and you will feel a thousand times better.

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